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What is Quantum Love?

Quantum Love

Once upon a time, we were taught that there was such a thing as "happily ever after." Cinderella and Prince Charming ride off to their castle in their beautiful carriage, all smiles and butterflies. We don't see the next few scenes, which might include Cinderella criticizing the Prince for leaving his socks on the floor. Again. Or the Prince spending hours in the Castle's office because that's the place he feels most appreciated and competent.
The reality is, the fairy tales were just that. Fairy tales. And it seems with each generation, we expect more from our partners and our marriages or our committed relationships. There was a time in human history where being married was mostly an arrangement that made sense economically. Someone (or everyone) tends to the farm, others to the kids. If love was there, it was generally because the commitment allowed for it to develop over time.

Not only do we have far higher expectations for our relationships, we are less well equipped! We turn to our partner to be our lover, best friend, financial partner, counselor, entertainer, co-parent, even spiritual advisor. We have fewer communication skills, a faster paced world, and more family demands placed on us than ever! We have short attention spans and live in a disposable culture that encourages us to find someone that will "meet our needs and make us happy." After all, aren't we entitled to that? We were promised that since we were little kids! Not only that, even our own most devoted parents couldn't have provided a model for what we are dealing with today. Many of us, unfortunately, grew up without good models of what is needed to co-create a satisfying and supportive marriage. And needless to say, even the once venerated models of marriage and parenting we saw on TV have proved themselves to be inadequate at best and a farce at worst.

There is a way out! Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix along with his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, provides a roadmap AND THE TOOLS to transform your committed relationship from the one of your nightmares to the one of your dreams!

Being in a conscious, committed relationship can be the hardest job you'll ever have! I'm delighted to have found Imago Therapy, both personally and professionally, to be a process for turning a relationship that might have mostly conflict, frustration, and disconnection to one that has mostly healing and growth, intimacy, and connection.

Quantum Love is based on an idea that has been growing in the world's consciousness for some time now. It refers to the amazing possibilities available when two humans, or souls, or beings of energy, or however you want to define it, come together and between them create something greater than either of them alone could do. It emphasizes the wonderful experiences that happen when each person in the relationship can see, value, and validate each other with compassion. It is a win-win system because it focuses on "the space between" each partner. Is this space compassionate or hostile? Is it welcoming or critical? And the most basic question of all: Is it safe or is it dangerous? And for those of us who have children, it is essential to be aware that our children LIVE in the space of our relationship.
Imago Therapy, the Getting the Love You Want Workshops for Couples, and the Keeping the Love You Find Workshops for individuals provides tools and practice for getting at the ROOTS of the issues, which extend back to our childhoods. It is the evidence-based system that equips couples with what they need to take their relationship to the level of Quantum Love! Imago teaches us how the most challenging conflicts we have are the key to becoming the best partner we can be. I am honored to be your guide on this most amazing journey of healing and growth. Let's get started, shall we?

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