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FAQ about the Workshops and Therapy

Q: Do I have to have read Harville Hendrix's books in order to take a workshop? And do I have to be in therapy?

A: People attend this workshop at various stages in their journey towards consciousness. Some have done a lot of reading, therapy, and personal growth; others not as much. There are no prerequisites for attending these workshops, but if you are currently in therapy, it would be wise to discuss your attendance with your therapist.

They will be in the best place to assist you after the workshop for any follow-up. I am available to consult with your therapist about the processes taught at the workshop if you and they desire.

Q: Which is better, attending a workshop or going to weekly therapy? And if I want to attend a workshop, which should I do first?

A: Each provides a different and unique experience. I recommend going to a workshop as soon as you (and your partner, if you are a couple) can arrange it. The workshop experience has been demonstrated to achieve results comparable to 4-6 months of weekly therapy.

It provides a solid psycho-educational foundation to the personalized work that you (and your partner) then have an opportunity to integrate. However, some people like to become a little more familiar with the material and have the therapist familiar with them, before attending. I'd be happy to discuss your particular situation with you individually.

Q: My relationship is falling apart, and I don't even know if I want to stay married. I'm not sure which workshop I should attend, the couples' one or the one for singles?

A: If you are currently in a committed relationship, even if it is very shaky, I recommend that both of you come to the workshop for couples. The least that you can expect as a result of the workshop is clarity about what you and your partner should do. Many couples find new hope and optimism as a result of what they learn at the workshop.

Occasionally they discover that "too much water has gone under the bridge," and they decide to end the relationship. Even if that is your decision, Imago therapy provides a framework in which you can respectfully say good-bye. This is especially critical if you have children that you will be co-parenting.

And regardless of having children or not, it is important to understand how YOU co-created the current relationship you are in. You are going to take yourself to whatever relationship you are in, and you don't want to find yourself creating more similarly painful experiences. But for the most part, the majority of couples leave the workshop with new energy, tools, and hope for the road ahead.

Q: How long can my partner and I expect to stay in therapy?

A: That depends on several variables: how much woundedness ("baggage") you both bring from childhood and other adult relationships, how much you've hurt each other in your current relationship, and the depth of your commitment and ability to apply what you learn at home, between sessions.

One of the strengths of Imago therapy is that it tends to move people fairly quickly into being able to manage the issues that life presents them. I consider it my goal to have my clients successfully fire me!

Q: Does Imago Therapy apply to Gay and Lesbian couples? Do you work with them?

A: Imago Therapy applies to all couples, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic or racial background, religion, personal history, or level of education. Gay and lesbian couples face all the issues that other couples do, plus have to deal with issues unique to them.

I have considerable experience working with gay and lesbian couples. For more resources, I recommend you visit the website of Joe Kort, an Imago colleague in Michigan.

Q: Where is Skokie, Illinois? Where is your office located?

A: Skokie is a suburb in northwest Chicago [Link to map]. My office is conveniently located in the Old Orchard Office Court just west of the Old Orchard Shopping Center. Click here for a map showing office location.

Q: Can we call or write with other questions?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to call or email any other questions that you might have.

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