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Does awakening couples to a conscious state of connection, joy and intimacy ignite your passion?

Discover a developmental journey that will transform your way of working with your clients and your way of being in the world.

Imago Relationships

Are you seeking the clinical knowledge to expand your practice and guide couples towards profound progress and healing?

Experience a personal growth that will quite possibly impact your own personal and professional relationships.

More and more couples struggle with miscommunication and disconnection.

A deep theoretical understanding of couples’ needs in a relationship
serves as a map for clinicians to guide these couples to a better
connection to themselves, and their relationship.
Develop and learn the skills needed to create and hold space that is
safe, gently and firm. A healing environment where couples connect
in new ways through the Imago dialogue processes. Where they can
safely learn how to deepen their empathic connection and heal their
relationship hurts.

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Let Jill transform your life and your practice through the therapy techniques
of Imago.

Jill began her Imago journey when she went to a Getting the Love You Want workshop in 1989. She began training with Harville Hendrix, the founder of Imago that same year. Her career path took a hard turn, from being a social worker with DCFS wards of the state to starting a thriving private practice. Jill has helped thousands of couples and individuals co-create healthy and loving relationships. Through Imago workshops, private sessions and clinical training, Jill continues her Imago journey of helping transform the world, one relationship at a time.

Become part of a worldwide community of practitioners that support each other and their individual
paths of continual development of Imago theory and practice.

Your complete Imago Training Program for certifcation as an Imago Relationship Therapist consists of three modules of 4 days each plus 9 hours of on-line study (Level One), followed by 6 months of clinical consultation to a required level of competence for certication (Level Two). The modules must be attended in sequence. Sessions are offered online/ and in person in the Chicago area.

Level One (made up of three modules) of the next Imago Clinical Training begins May 4-7, 2022
and will be held in person. The dates for the remainder of the course are Module 2: June 1-4, 2022; Module 3: Sept. 7-10, 2022.

Begin your Imago practitioner journey with Jill Wolf, LCSW.

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Connect couples, connect to a community, and connect with your best self.

Learn the tools and techniques that have guided, awakened and transformed thousands of couples around the world. Introduce couples to the tools that will transform their relationships from conflict, frustration and disconnection to a partnership filled with healing, growth, intimacy and connection.

Couples begin to learn from each other and see each other in new ways. The Imago Therapist helps them go from enemies to allies. They recognize that it's not by accident that they're together, but rather they are setting up situations that, when brought to consciousness, are opportunities for healing and growth. Many couples and this approach and realization more
effective than other previously experienced couples’ therapy.

The imago principle will improve and strengthen your personal relationships and as a result your confidence in the imago model will grow, as you do.


imago therapy for coupleshelping couples

“If you feel led to helping people learn how to love and be loved, I’d be delighted to be a
fellow traveler and teacher on your path.
Together we can help transform the world, one relationship at a time!”

Jill’s teaching style is genuine, warm, clear and supportive. With her wonderful sense of humor her trainees and workshop attendees enjoy an experience that is both transformational and fun!

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Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D. co-created Imago Relationship Therapy to promote the transformation of couples and families by a creating relational culture that support universal equality.

Learn more about Imago, Harville and Helen.

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